Mummy Help! Antifa Crybabies Plead For Special Treatment

Some of the weapons that were found with the attackers

British Movement Northern has been running a series dedicated to the forgotten martyrs of the NSDAP who were murdered by communists in the struggle for power. Ignored by the controlled media and tame establishment historians, the real targets of the wave of political street violence in Germany are instead smeared as the perpetrators, while the anti-National Socialist aggressors are portrayed as the victims.

Bludgeoned, stabbed and gunned down by working class Marxists, these martyrs fought an enemy who inhabited the sewers. The criminals and pimps infesting the slums of every German city made up the street fighters of the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (KPD). Communist paramilitary groups, such as the Red Front Fighters’ League (Roter Frontkämpferbund) and later Antifaschistische Aktion, were responsible for the majority of the political murders committed during the Weimar period. These people would use the most extreme violence against the hated National Socialists. To defend themselves, the Sturmabteilung (SA) was created.

Fast forward nearly a century, and the opponents of Nationalism are still attacking their opponents on the streets of Germany and other European cities with bats, knives, and other weapons. What has changed in that time is the type of person involved in these ‘anti-fascist’ organisations.

Today’s anti-fascist ‘fighters’ don’t hail from the slums, living hand-to-mouth and having to resort to criminality to survive, they are more likely to have had a nice middle class upbringing. University educated, with mummy and daddy stumping up for their university fee’s, they drift into the orbit of far-left hate organisations who are active on every campus.

The majority will spend a few years being used by the sinister string-pullers behind the scenes before settling down and concentrating on building a career, buying a nice home in a ‘nice’ area and finally having a family. The typical bourgeoise.

A cowardly ‘Hammergang’ attack on a lone individual.

Our opponents may scoff at this description of the typical anti-fascist activist, so on the anniversary of Horst Wessels death (23 February), let us take a closer look at the infamous ‘hammergang’ of Antifa, who in February 2023 travelled to Hungary in order to attack anyone they suspected of attending the Hungarian “Day of Honour” annual commemoration. Many of the victims were attacked because they wore certain clothing, receiving head injuries and broken bones.

Nine of the attackers are still on the run in Germany and have gone into hiding and the German and Hungarian authorities have issued arrest warrants. The leader of the gang has already received a paltry 3-year prison sentence for his crimes, and an Italian female is awaiting trial in Hungary.

A group of these anti-fascist heroes have now offered to hand themselves in to the authorities in Germany on condition that they would not be extradited to ‘nasty’ Hungary, and would stay and receive a “fair trial” in Germany. The reason these crybabies do not want to be imprisoned in Hungary is because prison conditions are said to be ‘inhumane’!

“Several of the accused are ready to surrender to the authorities. But they want to be assured that they will not be extradited to Hungary and that they can stay here in Germany. We as parents know this from our children’s advocates.”

Wolfram Jarosch, father of one of the anti-fascists cowards.

The case involving the already-incarcerated Italian Ilaria Salis, is reported to have caused widespread public indignation in Italy. Furthermore, she is a defendant in the “Day of Honour” trials in Budapest and has lodged grievances regarding the deplorable conditions she was held in. Shamefully, Italy’s supposedly ‘right-wing’ Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, intervened on behalf of those arrested. Meloni has a background in Nationalist politics, but appears to have sold her soul to the enemies of Europe.

A sympathetic media in Germany has interviewed the families of the wanted left-wing criminals, with the mother of one of the defendants pleading for humane prison conditions, and ‘resocialisation” afterwards. She insisted that these were only possible in Germany. It seems that Hungary, a democracy and fellow member of the EU, still treats violent thugs as the criminals they are. No Playstations or televisions in the cells, and a strict prison regime.

Prison is supposed to be a punishment. One of the nine’s mummies insisted; “I don’t want to comment on the allegations”. In other words, she knows that her little darling was a violent, extreme left thug who tries to kill anyone he/she disagrees with, but that isn’t important.

We hope every single one of them is caught and extradited to Hungary, spending years in dank, smelly prison cells with no TV and only a bucket for a toilet. And hopefully a working class cellmate who is a raving psychopath.


Top Image: Budapest Police. Some of the weapons that were found with the attackers
Lower Image: CCTV footage of an attack on an innocent pedestrian, attacked because he was wearing the wrong clothes.

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