The Only Long-Term Solution To Counterfeit Street

Bury New Road manchester

During January Greater Manchester Police began to close shops along part of Bury New Road which had been well known for selling fake goods & counterfeit clothing. GMP shut thirteen shops with local government support whom ordered compulsory orders on the properties.

It’s striking that this action was not taken decades ago and makes one wonder how many of our nation’s immigrant problems could be solved if our rulers had the will? The truth is they have no real care or interest in these issues.

A visit to this area of Bury New Road by a couple of British Movement members for the purpose of this report was lucky enough to see in action a police operation on one of the businesses. It’s nice to know the police are carrying on with what is named operation Valga, probably in response to the large number of allegations made against GMP officers by many of the shop worker’s, resulting in over twenty officers being restricted to desk duty after a limited raid many months ago.

The clearing out of this particular criminal industry is very welcome news to the BM, however on earlier visits by British Movement people to this area a good many of the young Asian men working these shops looked like the kind of people whom wouldn’t think twice of doing someone an injury if it suited them.

These people will be looking at new ways to bring in the money resulting in a new wave of criminal activity on the streets of Manchester. As one of the British Movement slogans states: Britain for the British! This is the only real long-term answer.

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Main Image: BM citizen journalist.

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