The North-West – Targeted To Settle Migrants

The North-West - Targeted To Settle Migrants

The mainstream media and the political Left are always very keen to deride the idea of the ‘Great Replacement’ as just a “Far-Right conspiracy theory”, but as this evidence shows, the truth is in the reality of this level of colonisation and settlement by illegal immigrants being housed by government sub-contractors at tax-payer’s expense.

The Official Serco ‘provider’ request lists tell a grim story.

Attached below is a copy of the towns and districts currently being targeted by the company Serco, which handles the bulk of the Home Office contracts to house ‘migrants and refugees’. A quick look at the list should send shivers down the spine of any concerned British citizen as the full scope of this document marks out those places considered as full and those places where housing for “refugees and asylum-seekers” is currently being sought.

Procurement Areas List For Landlords 21.04.23 in PDF format. The list will open in a new tab on a pc. Click here >>

This listing covers the entire North-West of England, from Cheshire to Cumbria, Merseyside and the Wirral, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Many of those towns and districts being considered as ‘open for bidding’ by Serco contractors are already officially classed as some of the most deprived towns in the North-West.

While the housing of migrants in hotels and motel complexes is already widely reported and opposed by both British Nationalist organisations and ad hoc local resident groups, Serco is now looking beyond hotels, motels and boarding houses. This provider request agenda is looking towards large scale house providers including builders and developers. New build houses are on the list for housing contracts with Serco (the Home Office), the idea being that migrants can be settled in new housing developments.

But, under these contracting rules, any council tax or local service payments has to be paid for by the local councils not by the migrants and not by Serco or the Home Office.

Notice that Blackpool has now been taken off the listing, but that is because Blackpool is considered as being full. The number of hotels and boarding houses in the Blackpool area now occupied by ‘migrants’ has been nationally recognised. As has the record numbers of British homeless living on the streets of Blackpool, and although the town is classed as a seas-side resort, Blackpool is officially recognised as one of the most deprived towns in the country.

Liverpool is considered as “closed for procurement” even though it is officially a “Sanctuary City”, as is Salford. The social conditions of Salford and the ridiculous imposition of ‘Sanctuary city’ status on Salford have been covered in previous articles on the British Movement Northern region website.

Although protests against housing migrants in hotels in Knowsley made the national media headlines, Knowsley remains on the open for procurement list.

Also worthy of note on the list as closed to procurement are most districts of Manchester and Salford, Bolton, and most districts of Oldham, but Rochdale and Tameside are “open for procurement”. It should be recognised that officially Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside are in the bottom four areas of Greater Manchester, classed as being the most deprived. So why look to house migrants in Rochdale and Tameside?

The Fylde coast, Morecambe Bay and the Lake District does not go unscathed, note that Morecombe has been taken off the list as being “closed to procurement” but even Penrith (Eden) is listed as a potential area to house migrants. Fylde itself is considered as ‘open for procurement’.

The rural areas do not escape either, the Ribble Valley is listed, as is South Ribble and Rossendale. The entire region of West Lancashire is considered open, although Lancaster and Preston are not on the available list.

Carlisle is listed as being a target for housing migrants even though there were public protests about housing migrants in hotels in the city last year and in the early months of this year. Notice that Wigan is considered closed except for new housing already owned by the landlord, which is unusual wording to say the least.

Finally, an obvious question for the average British house holder or tenant living in those towns and districts considered by Serco as “open for procurement”, is have you, the local population been consulted about this?

Has your local council been consulted and how will your local services cope with an influx of migrants? And of course, do you consider that this agenda could be considered as evidence of the Great Replacement?


Main Image: Philafrenzy, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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