Shamed Rotherham Councillors Still In Office

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A TV investigation into three Rotherham Labour councillors has found that they are likely to be removed from their seats before next year’s local elections. For many Labour and Tory local politicians, being elected to the local council becomes their career choice. To be appointed to the council’s ‘cabinet’ is the icing on the cake for many, giving them access to the council gravy train.

In Rotherham, a Labour insider was quoted as saying that: “London Labour are stopping sitting councillors from being able to stand again, any that have been associated with the CSE (child sexual exploitation) scandal are not allowed to stand again.”

Dominic Beck, a Rotherham cabinet member, stood down as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Rother Valley last year after an outcry at his selection. BM Northern reported the news in a post published here. It is believed that Beck may be one of the three councillors facing deselection and is said to be appealing the decision.

Beck stood down after the investigation brought attention to his role in the Rotherham cabinet, which resigned in 2015 after an independent study by Louise Casey found the council to be “in denial” about the town’s grooming gang epidemic. Unbelievably, he was re-elected to represent the Wales ward on May 6, 2021.

The Casey Report described “catastrophic” failures which allowed the sexual exploitation of over 1,400 children in the town. The grooming gangs were allowed to abuse and rape White children with impunity for fear of damaging race relations if the ethnic background of the groomers were revealed.

In a seminar held in 2005 about the town’s sex abuse scandal, councillors who attended were told in “explicit detail” about what was taking place, but decided to stay silent according to the expert who delivered the talk.

Of the 30 councillors who attended the meeting at Rotherham Council, four still remain in office for the Labour Party. They are: Ken Wyatt, Rose McNeely, Sue Ellis and Alan Atkin. Beck was not an elected councillor at the time and did not attend.

Councillor Beck, who lives in Kiveton Park in Rotherham, was first elected in 2011 to represent Labour in the Wales Ward on Rotherham council. He is also a governor at Wales High School. He attended council meeting as recently as Wednesday, 4th October 2023.

Snow Shadows video about the grooming gangs.

While ‘glitter-ball’ Starmer is poncing about telling anyone who’ll listen that the Labour Party is now fit for government, the elected representatives of his shameless party are daily proving the exact opposite. It is our duty to remind our people at every opportunity what Labour actually thinks about the indigenous people of this land.

Council Allowances – nice work if you can get it.


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