Uproar In France Over Bordeaux Attack

Bordeaux attack video

Following the release of video showing a man trying to abduct a small girl from her house in Bordeaux while being watched over by her grandmother, Nationalist politicians throughout France reacted strongly.

The attack happened on June 19, in front of a house in the city in Bordeaux, south-west France. The 73-year-old grandmother and her granddaughter can be seen on the doorbell video seeming to open the door while the man scans the area for his intended victim.

He approached the house and used his foot to stop the grandmother from closing the front door as the pair turned around to re-enter the house. The African assailant was then seen to shove the grandmother to the ground as she attempted to defend her grandchild before attempting to take the small girl away. The man left the area as the small child went back to her grandmother.

The grandmother was admitted to hospital after the incident, but is not thought to be seriously injured. According to reports, the little girl was also rushed to the hospital after suffering minor wounds.

Police located the African and promptly detained him following the event. He is still in detention and faces accusations of breaking into homes, attempting to kidnap people, and abusing children under the age of 15.

The culprit was born in Bordeaux but comes from an immigrant family, according to police sources. He already had a lengthy criminal history and was “very unfavourably known to the police.”

According to a police source quoted by French media, “His criminal record bears traces of 15 convictions, mostly in connection with road disputes and drug offences.”

On Monday night, when the video of the event spread on social media, French officials voiced their outrage over it.

“The images of a little girl and her grandmother attacked in broad daylight in Bordeaux are unbearable. These attacks are daily and insecurity, aggravated by the migratory chaos, is becoming endemic. How many videos like this does it take for those in power to react?” Marine Le Pen, a former presidential candidate and head of the National Rally in parliament, tweeted.

The incident was called “despicable” by Marion Maréchal, a former member of Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête party and niece of Jean-Marie Le Pen. “Despicable. It’s appalling. Impunity, fuel of barbarism.” she said.

Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders blamed the incident on the “open borders of Macron, Rutte, and Scholz” and said the attack reflected “the new reality throughout Europe.”


Top Image: Still taken from the video.

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