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After the report on this site about last Saturday’s demonstration outside of the Britannia Hotel in Seacroft, Leeds, a few interesting snippets have come to our attention. To refresh everyone’s memory, the demo was attended by a number of Nationalist and patriotic groups, including the British Movement.

Between 150 and 200 participated, including a good number of Seacroft residents. A small group of Antifa (AFA) marxists tried to cause a nuisance of themselves, but failed dismally. Four people were arrested, including one Nationalist. Antifa were dressed in black and masked, as is usual for these working-class heroes.

The leaders of AFA were seen constantly telling the group to pull their masks and hoods up, can’t have the ‘fash’ seeing their faces can we. Unfortunately for them it seems to be a case of ‘do as I say not do as I do’ for the AFA organisers, as they were caught skulking nearby without their mask or hoods. The blond female in our main image seemed to be in overall charge of this criminal enterprise. Thanks must go to BM security for this info.

Leeds Live, a sister online paper to Hull Live which we reported on recently, seems to be just as reliable as Anti-Fascist Action when it come to the truth. On Sunday the 29 Jan, the day after the demo, it ran an article with the headline, “Huge EDL protest takes place in Leeds with major police presence in Seacroft”. A byline also said ‘Hundreds of people have been seen protesting’.

Firstly, no EDL members were at the demo (do they still exist?). The ‘hundreds of people’ present was correct, but significantly in an update later, the numbers attending had been lowered to 80 and all reference to the EDL had gone. The reporter, a Meghan Banner, no doubt received a sharp word and damaged her career at the rag by saying that there was a ‘huge protest’ against the hotel migrants.

Leeds Live and the Hull Live are published by Reach PLC, Britain’s largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher, with a print and online portfolio reaching 38.6 million people every month.”

Oh dear, poor Ms Banner will have had her wrist slapped after her report.


Top Image: © British Movement security.

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