Labour’s UK Kalergi Plan: Part 8

labour's UK kalergi plan

Continuing the series by council insider and Nationalist correspondent: ‘Frustrated’

Elon Musk recently agreed with a post on X (Twitter) that claimed that Jewish people were stoking hatred against white people, saying the user who referenced the ‘Great Replacement’ (White Genocide) conspiracy theory was speaking “the actual truth”.

This billionaire’s alarming comment may have been influenced by “demonised” American journalists such as Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones and Dr. David Duke, who have drawn attention to the “Great Replacement” theory in the light of over ten million illegal immigrants being allowed to enter the USA via their wide-open southern border by the (predominantly Jewish heads) of Joe Biden’s Leftist cabinet.

The ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory (sometimes called “The Kalergi Plan”), holds that leftists and (some, not all) Jewish people are engineering the ethnic and cultural replacement of white populations in traditionally white countries with non-white immigrants that will lead to ‘white genocide’.

Elon Musk’s comment has been attacked by the (George Soros funded left-leaning media watchdog group Media Matters for America (MMfA) and Jewish groups such as The Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

In Britain too, there was disturbingly, a prominent role played by Jewish members of Tony Blair’s New Labour government in 1997 that engineered mass immigration into Britain in order to achieve Labour’s “driving political purpose” of transforming the UK into a “truly multicultural” country!

In 2000, Tony Blair’s cabinet economic adviser, the Jewish economist Jonathan Portes, wrote (spun) the cabinet advisory document, “Migration: An Economic and Social Analysis.” in which he overestimated the benefits and underestimated the disadvantages of mass immigration into Britain.

Portes migration paper was used by Blair’s (Jewish) immigration minister Barbara Roche to help her write her liberalising speech on immigration in 2000. In drafting her speech, Roche asked her speech writer, Andrew Neather, to put a gloss on migration. This later led to the “Neather scandal” in 2009.

It is worth noting that Barbara Roche’s boss in 2000 was Home Secretary Jack Straw, who is himself half Jewish. Roche’s ‘liberalising’ speech on immigration, which would dramatically transform Britain’s population, was then approved by Jack Straw and Tony Blair. Therefore, on December 11th 2000, Barbara Roche delivered her revolutionary immigration speech to an enthusiastic gathering of the British Bankers Association.

Blair, Straw, Roche and Portes carried out a liberalising radical shift in Britain’s immigration policy that was enthusiastically welcomed by New Labour’s cosmopolitan and globalist banker backers. Left-wing immigration and asylum lawyers immediately realised the significance of Roche’s speech.

Asylum seekers told their relatives around the world that Britain was a ‘soft touch’ and now provided housing and benefits denied to immigrants in other countries. Britain became their magnet!

Therefore, the revolutionary transformation of Britain’s population since 2000 did not happen normally, naturally or by accident! It was engineered primarily by Tony Blair’s New Labour cabinet.

Alas, the following Conservative governments have dramatically failed to reduce net migration to the “tens of thousands” that incoming Prime Minister David Cameron promised the Tories would achieve in 2010.

The Tories deserve to be thrown out for failing to control immigration, but sadly this would allow the even worse, pro-immigration, white replacement and ‘anti-white’ Labour Party back in power!

I feel that our peoples’ best hope for survival is firstly the emergence of a civic nationalist party that can then challenge the dominance of both these treacherous mass immigration Labour and Tory parties.

British patriots, in both civic and ethnic nationalist organisations, can help this by exposing these ‘British’ parties’ treachery so more of our people then realise that they are engineering “White Genocide”!

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Top Image: Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, creator of the plan, pictured c. 1930. Unknown photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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